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Healing Process After Dental Implant Surgery | Dental Excellence
May 12, 2023
Healing Process After Dental Implant Surgery | Dental Excellence
Dental implant surgery is a procedure used to replace missing teeth with artificial tooth roots that are implanted into the jawbone. The need for dental implant surgery arises when you or patient have lost one or more teeth due to injury, decay, or disease. The Best Dental Implant in Chandigarh provides a permanent solution for...
Bad Habits That Can Worsen Your Kid’s Dental Health
May 8, 2023
Bad Habits That Can Worsen Your Kid’s Dental Health
Dental care is extremely important for kids for several reasons like preventing tooth decay, proper speech development, & healthy nutrition. Good dental care is essential for the health & well-being of our children. As soon as your child gets first tooth in mouth, you should be helping your child brush/clean his/her teeth two times a...
April 21, 2023
5 Common Dental Myths & Facts | Dental Excellence
Have you grown weary of hearing how “brushing, flossing, and rinsing may keep your teeth problem free”?But do you think, they are sufficient? No!! Apart from these daily oral hygiene rituals, there are several dental hygiene practices one should follow for healthy gums and teeth. Let’s take a quick look at few dental myths &...
April 17, 2023
Types of Braces for Your Teeth | Dental Excellence
Every year, millions of people invest in braces & other teeth straightening technology to perfect their smiles.  Teeth crowding, increased overbite(deepbite),open bite(underbite), speech problems, spaces between the teeth, jaw problems, malaligned teeth & smile improvement are the common reasons to get a straight teeth with braces. For a very few select lucky individuals, teeth just...
March 14, 2023
What is the Right Age for Your Child to Wear Braces?
A child’s smile always melts our heart. Unfortunately, crooked or overlapping teeth, bad bite, discrepancy in jaws and malocclusion can make his/her smile unappealing. This results in kids shying away from smiling, and loose his/ her confidence to speak. To make a child’s smile beautiful or aesthetic, dental braces / aligners/ clear braces are the...
February 28, 2023
What are the Common Reasons for Your Child’s Crooked Teeth?
Crooked & misaligned teeth are very common in children & adults. Baby teeth & permanent teeth can become crooked because there is a mismatch between teeth sizes and the space available in jawsfor them. Due to heredity or improperly developing dental and oral structures there comes irregularity in positions of  permanent teeth, resulting in many...
October 4, 2019

The TMJ is the only movable joint on the face. It facilitates movement of the lower jaw which helps you eat, talk etc. Like any other joint in the body, this goes through wear and tear and might become a cause for discomfort. This might be a result of problems like Myofacial Pain dysfunction Syndrome (MPDS), Internal Derangement or Arthritis of TMJ (Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis). Such conditions need to be dealt with a lot of care and expertise.

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