Bad Habits That Can Worsen Your Kid’s Dental Health

Dental care is extremely important for kids for several reasons like preventing tooth decay, proper speech development, & healthy nutrition. Good dental care is essential for the health & well-being of our children. As soon as your child gets first tooth in mouth, you should be helping your child brush/clean his/her teeth two times a day. Improper dental care of your kids can negatively impact the mental & physical health of the child. Also, parents should watch out for bad habits that can worsen your kid’s dental health.

In addition to this, when your child’s first tooth erupts then it’s essential to book your appointment at Child Dentist in Mohali – Dental Excellence.

1. Sugary Foods 

Sugary foods are a disaster recipe for kids. Frequent intake of sugary things without cleaning the teeth afterwards can lead to cavities because bacteria in mouth degrades sugar to produce acids which harm the enamel of teeth and cause a cavity in the affected tooth. You must regularly visit dentist for oral checkup, every six months.

2. Not Following a Good Dental Hygiene Routine 

Of course, children who do not follow good dental hygiene routines like brushing & flossing are more likely to have cavities & are at risk of developing gum disease, which can cause pain, infection & even tooth loss.Therefore, always encourage your kids to do brushing & floss, for this, you can also help them & ask them to follow this routine every day. 

3. Thumb-sucking & Nail-biting 

Many parents are familiar that their kids may suck their thumb, bite their nails etc. Thumb or finger sucking habits can pose a threat to your child’s health after age 4-5 as their permanent teeth will soon begin to emerge. Normally the kid will leave the habit by the age of 3, but if it continues beyond, parents should seek the help of child dentist in Mohali.

4. Not Taking Your Kid to Child Dentist

Do you know that a child should visit the dentist for the first time at the age of 12 months or within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth? You cannot diagnose gum disease, tooth decay, or cavities in your child’s teeth. To keep your child’s oral health in good shape and avoid significant problems, make sure to schedule a regular dental checkup with the Child Dentist in Mohali

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