What are the Common Reasons for Your Child’s Crooked Teeth?

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Crooked & misaligned teeth are very common in children & adults. Baby teeth & permanent teeth can become crooked because there is a mismatch between teeth sizes and the space available in jawsfor them. Due to heredity or improperly developing dental and oral structures there comes irregularity in positions of  permanent teeth, resulting in many youngsters having crooked teeth. However, the piece of good news is that the crooked teeth of your kid can be corrected by the Kids Dentist Near Me at Dental Excellence.

Below are the common reasons for crooked teeth in kids and teens.

  • Poor Repetitive Habits of Kids

 Poor repetitive habits of kids such as prolonged use of pacifiers, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing & prolonged thumb-sucking are usually the main cause of kids’ crooked teeth. These habits affect the muscles or functions of the mouth or face and cause improper jaw n teeth growth.

  • Misaligned Jaw

A misaligned jaw is a situation when the upper & lower teeth don’t meet comfortably while closing the mouth. Failure of this alignment results in malocclusion that can include increased overbite & underbite, consequently, it can create an imbalance or place significant pressure on certain teeth. 

  • Genetics & Heredity

According to research, genetic or heredity predisposition is the factor when it comes to crooked teeth, which tends to develop crowding, spacing, crossbites, deepbite & underbite teeth in your kids. Due to genetic factors or heredity etc few kids may have extra teeth, abnormally large teeth, overbites, underbites & misaligned jaws, etc.

  • Facial Injury

Facial injury or trauma in childhood can result in misaligned teeth or jaw and even result in tooth loss. A sudden accident can make kids’ jaws slightly displaced from their original position, causing the teeth to become more crooked.


How to Correct Your Kid’s Crooked Teeth?

Beyond these reasons, there are many ways crooked teeth can affect your child, some are psychological while others are physical. Talking about the solution, the Child Dentist in Mohali at Dental Excellence can correct your kid’s smile with an effective & wide range of treatment options for crooked teeth such as straightening teeth with braces, invisible aligners, self-ligating damon braces, & straightening teeth without braces. At Dental Excellence, we believe that your oral health & brilliant smile are important to us therefore, Dr. Garima Goyal (Gold-Medalist Orthodontics) ensures that your child gets the right treatment & gets a confident smile.

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