Invisalign (Aligners)

April 7, 2022by dpr.fortec0

Clear Aligners / Invisalign

Are you uncomfortable with braces or don’t want a metallic smile? At Dental Excellence we have the latest and most comfortable digital alternative to braces- CLEAR ALIGNERS. INVISALIGN is one brand of clear aligners, an orthodontic appliance that corrects your crooked teeth and give you the smile you always wanted. They are nearly invisible and most comfortable aligner treatment as there are no pokey wires. Kids, teens and adults can opt for INVISALIGN/Aligners as there is no age barrier. They are removable and thus pose no food restriction. With Invisalign you can enjoy your favourite food as before.

Our in-house orthodontist Dr Garima Goyal (Gold Medalist) ensure a speedy treatment schedule and all we ask from you is to be regular with your appointments. During the course of the treatment, we advise to take the necessary care to avoid debonding of braces/ brackets and keep your gums healthy. We look forward to discuss the benefits of these treatment options to create a better carved confident smile…. specially for you!!!! Your oral health and brilliant smile are important to us…… help us help you in achieving it!!

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