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Gum Surgery/ Flap Surgery

Are your gums unhealthy? Are your teeth feeling loose and spaced out now?

When bacteria attack the gums they cause gum infection called periodontitis. The first sign of this could be bleeding from gums/ swelling of gums/ recession of gum margins. This infection spreads along the bone holding the tooth, and ultimately destroying it. Finally the tooth becomes loose and falls off. To prevent and s the further spread of infection and to allow the body a strong chance of fighting back, this infected gum tissue has to be removed. At Dental Excellence, such procedures may be accompanied by procedures for the underlying bone as well. This tissue is loaded with bacteria and their toxins. Once removed, the gums heal to their old pink self.

Bone Grafts
These are bio-materials which help in regeneration of lost bone. These grafts help us to regenerate bone prior to implant placement or during Flap surgery to grow lost bone. These substitutes can be autogenous (from the patient’s own self) or allogenic (from other sources). The substitutes used at Dental Excellence could be naturally derived substances or artificially/ synthetically created ones. The material is decided based on individual treatment requirements and in consultation with you (the patient). Such procedures may also be undertaken prior to implant placement. In such cases, depending on your individual needs, the bone usually will be allowed to develop for about four to 12 months before implants can be placed. In some cases, the implant can be placed at the same time the ridge is modified.

Gingival Depigmentation
When some people smile they show a lot of gum/ gingiva along with teeth. At times this gum tissue can be very dark and brownish due to pigmentation. This, in a patient with a fair complexion, tends to contrast and stand out producing a very ugly looking smile. After a careful and thorough examination, a procedure of gingival delayering is done where the layer of gingiva having the brown pigmentation is gently lifted off. Gingival depigmentation can also be carried out by non-surgical means in certain cases. We, at Dental Excellence, believe this procedure has a significant positive impact on the quality of the patient’s smile

Gum Recontouring

Do you think you have a very gummy smile? Or do your gums look uneven?

A healthy symmetrical gumline is as important a constituent of a beautiful smile as attractive teeth. Sometimes, the gums may appear swollen or red or just very prominent. At other times some teeth may appear longer than the others because of uneven gum lines. At Dental Excellence, we can correct these situations by carrying out gum recontouring. This procedure may require us to manipulate just the soft gum tissue or sometimes even the bone underneath depending on what extent of correction is required. These procedures can be accomplished both by conventional surgical means as well as LASER. This procedure can go a really long way in improving your smile.

Professional cleaning

Our teeth have number of grooves and areas in between where bacteria hide. When we brush our teeth however hard we think or however thorough, we are unable to reach and remove bacteria and food from these little niches or hiding places. Thus it is required to come in for a professional check up and cleaning about every 6 months. The clinicians can identify any starting decays or infections and deal with them at an early stage, thus saving you time and cost of elaborate treatment. We strongly believe a stitch in time saves nine!!! To encourage the habit of oral hygiene and regular check up a number of incentives are provided.


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