Gum Surgeries/ Bone Grafting

Gum Surgeries/ Bone Grafting

Gum disease affects about 70-90% of people at some point in their lives, but despite how common the disease is, few people are aware of the difficulties it can lead to.


Are you experiencing bad breath even after brushing your teeth, swollen, tender & bleeding gums, loose teeth, teeth sensitivity, toothaches & pain while chewing? All these are the signs or symptoms of gum infection that could further lead to chronic gum & underlying bone disease. People who use tobacco or having diabetes, arthritis, heart patients, do not maintain good oral hygiene, have a family member having gum disease or avoid seeing the dentist periodically are at a higher risk of gum disease. Improper oral hygiene that allows bacteria in plaque & calculus to remain on the teeth & infect the gums. Also increase in gum infection can result in increase in sugar level (Diabetes), more prone to heart and lung disease, preclampsia (increase in blood pressure in pregnant females) & premature delivery in case of pregnant females etc.

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What is the treatment required to treat Gum diseases?

  1. First of all, your dentist will review your & your family’s dental history to acknowledge the oral health & risk factors.
  2. After that your doctor may conduct a clinical evaluation to check for the signs of gum disease, bleeding gums, loose teeth, receding gums, differences in the gum’s texture, inflamed or swollen gums & periodontal pockets. For this, a gum probe is used to take the accurate measurement of gum pockets & jawbone height in a millimeter.
  3. X-ray is carried out to show images of the jawbone around the tooth, know the extent of bone loss & check for other signs of cavities or decay.
  4. Microbiological test is reasonable if the additional information helps improve treatment or avoid unnecessary treatment. 

There are several types of gum (Periodontal) treatment like scaling (Professional Cleaning), deep cleaning, planing of root surfaces to remove infection, bone grafting to make up for loss bone around teeth, soft tissue graft to cover the root surfaces, gingival or gum recontouring to treat gummy smile, gingival depigmentation etc

For instance, bone grafts help to regenerate bone prior to implant placement or during flap surgery to grow lost bone. Gingival depigmentation is done to remove melanin(black) pigmentation from gums. The final procedure, gum recontouring, sometimes referred to as gum contouring, is altering the curvature of your gums to make them appear more cosmetically acceptable.

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Do you have swollen bleeding gums, bad breath, shaky or lose teeth, or have spaces developing between them? Dental Excellence provides comprehensive treatment for all oral health issues related to the gum & bone tissues, including the sensitivity of gums or teeth, sore or bleeding gums, longer or mobile teeth, short crowns, or missing teeth. Dr. Sachin Goyal, gum specialist, the Best Dentist in Chandigarh follows an individualized approach to general & complex dental care for everyone from toddlers to seniors with a focus on healthy smile & well-being.

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