Painless Root Canal Treatment

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When the bacteria enter the pulp of the tooth, and cause an infection, all you need is the root canal treatment to save the tooth. Untreated cavities, deep tooth decay, a chip or crack in the tooth & an injury to the tooth may lead to root canal treatment of the affected tooth. The most common symptoms of the damaged pulp include pain in your tooth, swelling & a sensation to sweet, cold & heat in your teeth. Also, pain while lying down increases a lot in pulpally involved teeth. So, RCT is performed to save a damaged or badly infected tooth, instead of extracting it. Visit Dental Excellence or Best Dental Clinic Near Me for painless root canal treatment (RCT) at pocket-friendly prices. 

List of Common Reasons for Root Canal Therapy 

  1. 1. Tooth Decay 

If tooth decay affects the deepest layer of teeth or pulp then you will need a root canal to save the tooth.

  1. 2. Tooth Infection

Tooth decay, gum diseases & cracked tooth allow bacteria to get into a tooth & when it reaches the pulp then you need a root canal treatment. 

  1. 3 . When Previous Filling Fails

When a dental filling that becomes compromised because of poor oral hygiene allows bacteria to affect the dental pulp, this also becomes the reason to take the root canal treatment.

  1. 4. Cracked Tooth 

Having tooth-damaging habits such as clenching, grinding, chewing on objects, eating hard food or substances & ice chewing etc are the causes of cracked teeth. To save such teeth a dentist will often recommend a root canal treatment & crown.

Alarming Signs to Know When You Need a Root Canal Treatment

When you experience the following, consider them you may need a root canal treatment or meeting with your dentist:

  • Tooth cavity
  • Fractured teeth
  • Pain in the tooth
  • Bone loss
  • Pus Drainage or abscess
  • Swelling – may at times extend to the face & neck.

To state further, during the root canal treatment, a professional dentist like Dr. Sachin Goyal will remove the infected nerve tissue & bacteria to replace it with biocompatible gutta-percha, followed by filling & a crown on top of it to protect the tooth & serve you for a longer time. 

Restore Your Tooth with Painless Root Canal Treatment – Dental Excellence 

At the current state of dental science, obtaining a root canal is totally painless with advanced equipments. The Best Dentist in Mohali or Dental Excellence recommends you save your damaged teeth structure with Single Visit RCT’s or multiple visit root canal treatment.

You won’t experience any pain during RCT because the entire process is carried out under local anesthesia. The root canal specialist – Dr. Sachin Goyal is a world-class dental treatment provider to all patients ensuring a great dental treatment experience. After performing the treatment, the affected tooth is restored so that it can look & function like a natural tooth. 

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