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Has your tooth been hurting? Heard about RCT but don’t know what it is?

Root canal treatment (RCT) or endodontic treatment is a common procedure in dentistry. Root canal treatment is indicated if the pulp is irreversibly inflamed or in case of pulpal death caused by decay, tooth cracks or chips, or dental trauma. Traditionally RCTs are done in multiple appointments, but due to the advances in the field of endodontics it is possible to complete the same procedure in a single visit. We at Dental Excellence provide endodontic treatment with the latest instruments and equipments like magnification systems, endomotors and apex locators in a single appointment. If however, your case is not suitable to be undertaken in a single appointment, we might decide to opt for a multiple-appointment schedule. Following the Root Canal treatment, we generally build up the lost structure of the tooth with a core filling or place pin-like structures (called posts) within the canals before reinforcing them with the core filling. Following this, we usually recommend a cap or crown for the treated tooth.

Cavity Fillings

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems affecting our teeth. This commonly results in the formation of a cavity on the tooth surface. This cavity is the result of dissolution of natural minerals of the teeth by the acids released by the bacteria which inhabit the tooth surface. Such cavities may cause sensitivity, pain or bad breath among other things and must be treated at the earliest. If they are allowed to progress, they may end up damaging the structural integrity of the tooth and affecting the pulp. At Dental Excellence, our trained clinicians use some of the latest diagnostic tools to diagnose such lesions very early on. Then they proceed to educate you about the presence of such lesions using gadgets like intra-oral cameras. Finally, we offer you a variety of different materials to choose from for the filling. The options include Silver amalgam fillings, cement restorations and light-cured composite fillings. The material of choice is chosen depending on the nature and location of the cavity and your personal preferences.

Metal Ceramic Crowns

Badly broken/ fractured or damaged tooth? Got a tooth filled several times, but the cement or filling breaks off?

Do not worry! Modern advancements in restorative and cosmetic dentistry can help rebuild and restore your tooth back to the natural shape, size, color and function. A dental crown is an ideal choice and a permanent solution for badly broken, fractured or severely worn/abraded hypersensitive teeth. A metal-ceramic (porcelain) crown is ideal for the back teeth, which bear the stresses during chewing and grinding. Designed with precision for perfect fit and function, all crowns at DENTAL EXCELLENCEare made from tissue friendly, biocompatible, wear resistant materials.

Metal Free Crowns/ Full Ceramic (porcelain) or Zirconia Crowns

For the front teeth, which require that extra care in replacing the natural luster, shade and translucency to exactly replicate and improvise upon your smile, DENTAL EXCELLENCE offers the innovative Metal free or all ceramic crowns. Made from the highly resilient, tissue compatible Zirconia ceramic cores, through the modern Computer assisted (CAD CAM) technique, Dental Excellence’sall ceramic crowns are also an ideal option, if you prefer to keep your mouth metal- free or if you are allergic to metals.

Replacement of old crowns

Scared or shy to smile and laugh heartily? Is it glaringly obvious that your teeth are covered with artificial crowns? Does the metal show or is the ceramic chipped off?

Replace your old metallic, discolored, fractured or poorly fitting dental crowns with the modern, durable, tissue compatible, highly resilient tooth colored metal-ceramic and ceramic crowns. At DENTAL EXCELLENCE, we ensure that you smile….naturally!! Carefully selected and processed shades and translucency ensure that your crowns naturally merge with your other teeth, gums and skin color.


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