Orthodontic Treatment ( Braces)

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Are you hesitant to smile??? Do you have little or too many spaces between the teeth, misaligned teeth, deep bite, open bite (underbite), crossbite, have a speech impairment or simply want straight teeth & confident smile? It’s no secret that these dental problems can cause various issues in your everyday life. It becomes impossible to clean irregular & crooked teeth properly, as a result of which gums get infected & after sometimes teeth can become loose & eventually shed off. 

All teeth issues can be effectively resolved with the Best Orthodontist in Chandigarh or with Dental Braces/ Aligners at Dental Excellence. There are chances that you may be avoiding people & pictures while enjoying public gatherings due to the above mentioned issues. However, the fascinating news is that dental braces give you the confidence to smile beautifully. Of course, dental braces are a worthy & affordable investment that can help you that picture-perfect smile while correcting all the issues behind the unaesthetic smile. Braces are not the new concept of improving your smile but have come a long way since their inception, did you know,” the first set of wire crib braces were used in 1819?” The good news is that at Dental Excellence, we use the most up-to-date methods and tools to provide you with painless and aesthetically pleasing dental braces/ Aligners treatments. Today’s braces/ Aligners are improved, comfortable, fast, hygienic and almost invisible.

Compelling Reasons to Get Braces

These are several justifications for considering braces to improve your smile:

  • Braces are great for aligning your teeth, jaws & also prevents the TMJ pain from appearing. 
  • With braces, your teeth will be aligned in the better position in your mouth making it easy to clean and prevent plaque accumulation caused by crooked teeth.
  • Braces can help prevent tooth decay by aligning your teeth & jaw making it easier to brush & floss properly.
  • The spacing causes gums between the teeth to be prone to inflammation due to food lodgment & plaque accumulation.
  • Timely correction of bite problems & speech difficulty is important & possible with dental braces.

Consider the Braces Treatment at Dental Excellence 

There are various types of braces like metal braces, ceramic braces, Self ligating Braces (Speedo orthodontics) Damon braces, lingual braces, Aligners & Invisalign  but which are the right braces for you? Talk with the best Orthodontist or our in house Braces Specialist – Dr. Garima Goyal, Gold Medalist who offers the right braces treatments to Patients & helps you achieve the best oral health & brilliant smile. All the treatments at Dental Clinic in Chandigarh aim to straighten your teeth, improve the jaw shape & space out crowded teeth, etc. At Dental Excellence, we provide a holistic approach by the best orthodontist in mohali – Dr. Garima Goyal for dental braces treatment by acknowledging the history, needs & expectations of the patient from the treatment. 

Due to our expertise, we offer every type of orthodontic treatment to our Indian & International patients including fast-acting braces, cosmetic teeth alignment, & Invisalign/clear braces, aligners etc. Normally, the age between 7-14 years is considered the best for dental braces, because of the maximum growth rate of jaw & skull bones but age perse is not a barrier for seeking healthy and beautiful smile with braces/ Aligners. So, the ideal time for orthodontic treatment is when you notice or foresee the issue.



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