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At Dental Excellence, a child is always one of our most special patients. Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry. They are specially trained for children’s unique dental health needs
Their professional education includes three years of specialized study after becoming a dentist, emphasizing child psychology, growth and development. Infants, preschoolers, children, and adolescents each need different approaches in dealing with their behavior, guiding their dental growth and development, and helping them avoid future dental problems. The pediatric dentist is best qualified to meet these needs.
To help a child stay totally healthy, the pediatric dentist often works with pediatricians, other physicians and other dental specialists. All children, whether healthy, chronically ill, disabled, or mentally challenged are served best through this team approach. This specialty is becoming even more important as a result of technical advances in medicine and dentistry and the increased populations of children with chronic diseases and congenital problems.
Pleasant visits to the dental office promote the establishment of trust and confidence in your child that will last a lifetime. Our goal at Dental Excellence, along with our staff, is to help all children feel good about visiting the dentist and teach them how to care for their teeth. From our special office designs, to our communication style, our main concern is what is best for your child.
Our pediatric dentists provide an ongoing assessment of your child’s dental needs and may suggest preventive procedures like additional fluoride, dietary changes, space maintainers or sealants. We also undertake all necessary therapeutic procedures like fillings, apexogenesis, apexification, stainless steel crowns, habit-breaking appliances etc. Our specialists are trained in management of uncooperative, physically handicapped and mentally challenged children and we are also equipped with options like sedation dentistry to cater to the dental needs of special children.

Pit and Fissure Sealants

Cavities! Toothache! Don’t you wish they didn’t exist at all? Prevention is the soul of all treatment and care at Dental Excellence. With little care and simple timely procedures you can keep your mouth free from cavities or decay throughout your life. Pit and Fissure sealants are an ideal and important solution for preventing you from undergoing the dental pain, discomfort and complicated treatment procedures. The idea is to seal the grooves present on the Molar (chewing) teeth, which cannot be completely cleaned by tooth brushing. They are sealed with a biocompatible material that flows into these grooves and hardens, so that no bacteria/food substances can accumulate and hide in these areas and lead to teeth decay. They also make the chewing surfaces more easily cleansable.

Topical fluoride application

Worried about your child having too many cavities in spite of brushing regularly?

Eating too much of sticky food? Taking medications, which decrease saliva production in the mouth? Is somebody differently abled /handicapped / ill so that they cannot maintain proper cleanliness in the mouth for prolonged duration? All these factors, eventually lead to cavity formation or decay and toothache. Fluorides have been identified as the most efficient agents to prevent dental decay or cavities. They make the teeth more strong and resistant to withstand bacterial attacks, acidic foods, hot and cold temperatures, as well as stresses created by chewing hard foods. At Dental Excellence, we apply fluorides on to your tooth surfaces using the Gel and Varnish forms to ensure better reach, action and efficiency through long interaction with tooth surface. Periodic application of ical fluoride after professional cleaning of teeth goes a long way in maintaining your mouth cavity free.

Tooth Rejuvenation

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure! The Tooth Rejuvenation Programme (TRP) at Dental Excellence identifies at the earliest, the potential problems and diseases in the mouth. By correcting these risk factors, TRP helps you to add positivity, health and well being to your mouth so that it can withstand the day-to-day onslaught from bacteria, foods and stresses, which leach away the essential minerals from the protective enamel. TRP replenishes your saliva and teeth with the essential calcium and phosphate ions, restores adequate moistness and adds new vigor to the ageing teeth. If you want your teeth to last healthily for your lifetime and not age before you, entrust them to TRP.


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