What is the proper technique for tooth brushing?

Because every mouth is different, there is more than one technique of brushing that has proven to be effective. Deciding which technique is most appropriate for you depends largely on your teeth position and gum condition etc. Faulty tooth brushing can harm your teeth by wearing off the protective enamel layer, causing hypersensitivity and bleeding from the gums. Consult your dentist to determine which technique is most appropriate for your mouth.


Generally, most dentists recommend the Modified Bass method for adults. This method cleans most effectively in areas where gum infections start first and is easy to master.

  • Step 1: Take a pea-sized amount of toothpaste onto a soft brush.
  • Step 2: Tap the brush to allow the paste to sink in deeper.
  • Step 3: Place it into the mouth, starting from the last 3 teeth in the arch. The bristles of the brush should be at 45 degrees angulation facing the gumline, placed partly on the gums and partly on the teeth.
  • Step 4: With slight pressure being applied, give 18-20 vibratory strokes. This dislodges and loosens all debris from the tooth surface.
  • Step 5: Now give a sweep towards the chewing surface. Then shift to next three teeth overlapping one tooth of the previous three teeth covered. Change the toothbrush at least once every three months, or when the bristles appear frayed.


Why is flossing important?

Brushing alone cannot remove plaque that is located in places that a toothbrush cannot reach-particularly between teeth. In addition to removing plaque, flossing also helps to:

  • Remove debris that adheres to teeth and gums in between teeth.
  • Polish tooth surfaces.
  • Control bad breath.
Metal Ceramic Crowns

Badly broken/ fractured or damaged tooth? Got a tooth filled several times, but the cement or filling breaks off? Do not worry! Modern advancements in restorative and cosmetic dentistry can help rebuild and restore your tooth back to the natural shape, size, color and function. A dental crown is an ideal choice and a permanent solution for badly broken, fractured or severely worn/abraded hypersensitive teeth. A metal-ceramic (porcelain) crown is ideal for the back teeth, which bear the stresses during chewing and grinding. Designed with precision for perfect fit and function, all crowns at DENTAL EXCELLENCEare made from tissue friendly, biocompatible, wear resistant materials.

Ceramic (porcelain) Crowns

For the front teeth, which require that extra care in replacing the natural luster, shade and translucency to exactly replicate and improvise upon your smile, DENTAL EXCELLENCEoffers the innovative Metal free or all ceramic crowns. Made from the highly resilient, tissue compatible Zirconia ceramic cores, through the modern Computer assisted (CAD CAM) technique, Dental Excellence’s all ceramic crowns are also an ideal option, if you prefer to keep your mouth metal- free or if you are allergic to metals.

Replacement of old crowns

Scared or shy to smile and laugh heartily? Is it glaringly obvious that your teeth are covered with artificial crowns? Does the metal show or is the ceramic chipped off? Replace your old metallic, discolored, fractured or poorly fitting dental crowns with the modern, durable, tissue compatible, highly resilient tooth colored metal-ceramic and ceramic crowns. At DENTAL EXCELLENCE, we ensure that you smile….naturally!! Carefully selected and processed shades and translucency ensure that your crowns naturally merge with your other teeth, gums and skin color.

Cast/Flexible Partial Dentures

A missing tooth is like a missing bead from a string. It will cause collapse and failure of other teeth too. Partial dentures at Dental Excellence are designed to functional and cosmetic perfection, with minimal coverage and interference with other teeth, tongue and cheek. They replace your one or more missing teeth with tissue compatible, thin acrylic dentures (which may have a cast metal framework) that easily merge and adapt to your mouth. Depending upon your specific need and condition, dentures will be designed to restore your ability to chew and grind food, support other teeth and speak fluently. With accurate shade matching and high quality acrylic teeth, our dentures are nearest to your natural teeth in appearance and function.


“Worried or tired of the visible and inconvenient metallic clips that assist the partial dentures to hold on and not fall off?”


Flexible partial dentures at Dental Excellence are innovative teeth replacements that elastically hold on to the tissues in the mouth eliminating the need for such clips. These flexible appliances beautifully adapt to the tissues and just hold on like elastic.

Complete Dentures

Replacing a complete set of teeth is more than just setting 28 odd teeth in the mouth. It is all about care and attention to detail that helps the lips, jaws, face, cheeks, tongue, and teeth to harmoniously adapt to these artificial replacements. Using the latest advances and techniques and materials that meet the strictest quality standards, DENTAL EXCELLENCE makes complete dentures, each a piece of craft, to your precise need and satisfaction. Depending on your need and desires, these can be removable, tooth supported overdentures or the implant supported dentures.

Crowns and Bridges

Want to get a fixed replacement for your missing teeth? One or more missing teeth in the mouth can be restored to natural form, color and function with the Fixed Partial Denture (FPD) at Dental Excellence. Made from highly resilient, tissue friendly metal-ceramic or zirconia all ceramic (porcelain) material these teeth replacements take support of adjacent natural teeth to be fixed. They are designed to adequately distribute the biting, chewing or grinding forces and restore your teeth to their natural ability, form and appearance. The Crown and Bridge in the front teeth can replace one or more missing teeth with fixed replacements and restore your natural smile beautifully.

Pre-prosthetic Surgery/ Ridge Modification

Deformities in the upper or lower jaw can leave you with inadequate bone in which to place dental implants or dentures. This defect may have been caused by long periods of edentulousness, periodontal disease, wearing ill-fitting dentures, developmental defects, injury or trauma. Not only does this deformity cause problems in placing the implant or prosthesis, it can also cause an unattractive indentation in the jaw line near the missing teeth that may be difficult to clean and maintain.


In one of the ways to correct the problem, we lift the gums away from the ridge to expose the bony defect. The defect is then filled with bone or bone substitute to build up the ridge. Alternatively, any excessive bone that is a functional/ esthetic impediment is removed. Finally, the incision is closed and healing is allowed to take place. Depending on your individual needs, the bone usually will be allowed to develop for about four to 12 months before implants can be placed. In some cases, the implant can be placed at the same time the ridge is modified.


Ridge modification has been shown to greatly improve appearance and increase your chances for successful implants/ dentures that can last for years to come. Ridge modification at Dental Excellence can enhance your restorative success both esthetically and functionally.

Eye Prosthesis

An eye/ ocular prosthesis or artificial eye is a type of craniofacial prosthesis. It replaces the natural eye which may have been lost following an enucleation, evisceration or orbital exenteration. The prosthetic fits over an orbital implant and under the eyelids. Often referred to as a glass eye, the ocular prosthesis fabricated at Dental Excellenceroughly takes the shape of a convex shell and is made of medical grade plastic or acrylic. A few ocular prosthetics today are made of cryolite glass. A variant of the ocular prosthesis is a very thin hard shell known as a scleral shell which can be worn over a damaged eye. An ocular prosthetic does not provide vision; this would be a visual prosthetic. Someone with an ocular prosthetic is totally blind on the affected side and has monocular (one sided) vision which does have an effect on depth perception.

Ear Prosthesis

An ear/ auricular prosthesis or artificial ear is a maxillofacial prosthesis that can replace and restore the ear which has been lost due to radical cancer surgery, amputation, trauma, burns and/or congenital defects. The delicate structures remaining after surgery are covered by thin, highly sensitive skin. This soft tissue, being very fragile, must be kept free from irritation and debris from the environment. The protective position of the helix helps to cleanse the air of small particles, which might injure and damage the delicate auricular structure. The Maxillofacial prosthodontists at Dental Excellence design the prosthetic ear to direct sound waves into the auditory canal and to maintain a proper environment for the inner ear membranes. It normally improves hearing by about 20%. The prosthetic ear will retain eyeglasses, and retain a hearing aid if needed. Most importantly, it also serves as a great psychological benefit in the rehabilitation of the patient.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation corrects imperfections in bite position and enhances the appearance of the smile. Anyone with short, worn teeth or those that are chipped and broken throughout the mouth would be an excellent candidate. Combining the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry with the artistry of Cosmetic Dentistry, Full Mouth Rehabilitation creates a smile that is functional, comfortable and beautiful. If an imbalance is determined, the experts at Dental Excellence will decide whether to treat with an orthotic appliance, or to fit the patient with dental restorations. With this correction, patients experience decreased or eliminated pain and discomfort, and better overall health.

Gingival Depigmentation

When some people smile they show a lot of gum/ gingiva along with teeth. At times this gum tissue can be very dark and brownish due to pigmentation. This, in a patient with a fair complexion, tends to contrast and stand out producing a very ugly looking smile. After a careful and thorough examination, a procedure of gingival delayering is done where the layer of gingiva having the brown pigmentation is gently lifted off. Gingival depigmentation can also be carried out by non-surgical means in certain cases. We, at Dental Excellence, believe this procedure has a significant positive impact on the quality of the patient’s smile.

Gum Recontouring

Do you think you have a very gummy smile? Or do your gums look uneven? A healthy symmetrical gumline is as important a constituent of a beautiful smile as attractive teeth. Sometimes, the gums may appear swollen or red or just very prominent. At other times some teeth may appear longer than the others because of uneven gum lines. At Dental Excellence, we can correct these situations by carrying out gum recontouring. This procedure may require us to manipulate just the soft gum tissue or sometimes even the bone underneath depending on what extent of correction is required. These procedures can be accomplished both by conventional surgical means as well as LASER. This procedure can go a really long way in improving your smile.

Oral Prophylaxis / Professional Teeth cleaning

Our teeth have number of grooves and areas in between where bacteria hide. When we brush our teeth however hard we think or however thorough, we are unable to reach and remove bacteria and food from these little niches or hiding places. Thus it is required to come in for a professional check up and cleaning about every 6 months. The clinicians can identify any starting decays or infections and deal with them at an early stage, thus saving you time and cost of elaborate treatment. We strongly believe a stitch in time saves nine!!! To encourage the habit of oral hygiene and regular check up a number of incentives are provided.

Gum Surgery/ Flap Surgery

Are your gums unhealthy? Are your teeth feeling loose and spaced out now? When bacteria attack the gums they cause gum infection called periodontitis. The first sign of this could be bleeding from gums/ swelling of gums/ recession of gum margins. This infection spreads along the bone holding the tooth, and ultimately destroying it. Finally the tooth becomes loose and falls off. To prevent and s the further spread of infection and to allow the body a strong chance of fighting back, this infected gum tissue has to be removed. At Dental Excellence, such procedures may be accompanied by procedures for the underlying bone as well. This tissue is loaded with bacteria and their toxins. Once removed, the gums heal to their old pink self.

Bone Grafts

These are bio-materials which help in regeneration of lost bone. These grafts help us to regenerate bone prior to implant placement or during Flap surgery to grow lost bone. These substitutes can be autogenous (from the patient’s own self) or allogenic (from other sources). The substitutes used at Dental Excellence could be naturally derived substances or artificially/ synthetically created ones. The material is decided based on individual treatment requirements and in consultation with you (the patient). Such procedures may also be undertaken prior to implant placement. In such cases, depending on your individual needs, the bone usually will be allowed to develop for about four to 12 months before implants can be placed. In some cases, the implant can be placed at the same time the ridge is modified.

Instant tooth whitening

Are your teeth stained? And you feel conscious every time you smile or do you avoid smiling all together because of this condition? Well, you should not be worried about this these days because instant tooth whitening is already an available option for you to get sparkly white teeth. Professional tooth whitening at Dental Excellence is absolutely safe and an effective procedure. This technique is also commonly referred to as power bleaching where we use light-activated agents under controlled conditions. Prior to such procedures, we routinely offer our patients a demonstration of the procedure on a single tooth to demonstrate the extent of change achievable. Other options to achieve tooth whitening like home bleach are also available. After examining you and discussing your requirements, our clinicians will be able to suggest the most desirable option to you.

Tooth Jewels

They say that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’….. And what can be better than sporting one right on your tooth?! Add a sparkling shine to your smile with one of our tooth studs. It’s easy, painless and does not require any tooth cutting. We at Dental Excellence offer tried and tested tooth jewels like Skyce. Skyce is a brilliant piece of crystal embedded in teeth and it has become the latest fashion accessory to catch the fancy of the fashion conscious. Skyce jewels are generally applied to the front (labial) surfaces of upper front (anterior) teeth. Available in different sizes and shades, tooth jewellery is the ultimate fashion accessory. The advantage of tooth jewellery is that these can be fixed and removed with equal ease, as the procedure is non-invasive. All it takes is a single visit to Dental Excellence to add that extra twinkle to your smile Or you could even gift that special person in your life this unique gift of love and become an integral part of every smile on her lips.

Smile Designing/ Smile makeovers/ Smile Enhancement

Not happy with your present smile? Envy the smile of the model in the commercial you saw on TV last night? Dental Excellence invites you to come and experience the expertise of its highly acclaimed Smile designers. With options that you never even believed existed, we can create magic with your smile. Laminates, veneers, bonding, all ceramic crowns and power bleaching are among a few of the vast array of procedures that are undertaken to give you the smile of your dreams. Relax in the soothing environment of our operatory and let the music in the air fill your senses while our craftsmen unleash the hidden power of your smile. Cosmetic procedures can be undertaken to correct conditions like fractured / chipped teeth, worn teeth, crooked teeth, spacing between teeth, protruding teeth, missing teeth, stained teeth and misaligned teeth. A significant benefit of a smile designing session is that we correct individual smaller problems while keeping the bigger picture firmly in our mind. Such sessions at our clinic are routinely preceded by a mock-up session where we virtually re-create the corrections on images and/or models to give you a fair idea of what you can look forward to. So what are you waiting for? Come down and get the smile of your dreams….neighbor’s envy, your pride!

Laminates/ Veneers

Do you have unsightly gaps between your front teeth? Or are your teeth discolored due to medications/ fluorosis/ lack of vitality? Or do you think that your smile shows teeth that look worn down or chipped? Well, if you think the answer is “Yes”, you might just be the right candidate for laminates or veneers. These are primarily fabricated form porcelain/ ceramic. We do however also have the options of chair side composite laminates. The procedure for laminates is ultraconservative and requires very minimal sacrifice of tooth structure. The optical properties of such laminates very closely resemble natural teeth giving the effect of “merging off”, and hence, the esthetics are excellent. While chair side laminates can be accomplished in 1 appointment, the porcelain ones require 2 visits. At Dental Excellence, these laminates have become an important ingredient and almost the mainstay of our Smile Designing procedures.


Are there things about your smile you don’t like? Are any of your teeth cracked chipped or discolored? For such and many other related problems dental bonding could be an excellent treatment option. This is a procedure where we use light-cured composite resins to build up deficient areas of your tooth or mask unsightly defects. The relevant shade of material is chosen based on your natural teeth color and the procedure can generally be completed in a single visit. Since these materials bond with the tooth structure, the procedure itself becomes minimally invasive. So, walk in to our Dental Excellence office to walk out with a confident transformed smile.

Simple Extraction

Do you have a painful tooth? Or a tooth that is very mobile? In such conditions and some others we might need to remove your tooth if there are no other viable treatment alternatives. But, does that mean you should be worried? Absolutely not! Procedures for dental extractions at Dental Excellence are done with utmost care to ensure minimal intra-operative and post-operative pain/ discomfort. Conducted in the comfortable environs of our operatory with soft music providing the perfect soothing backdrop, our trained surgeons effortlessly perform the required procedure.

Surgical Extraction

Is your wisdom tooth troubling you? Or a badly broken/ fractured tooth with roots still stuck in the bone? At Dental Excellence, our surgeons might advise a disimpaction or surgical extraction at times. Surgical extractions/ Open extraction are undertaken if it is not feasible to do a simple extraction or if the clinician considers it to be a more comfortable procedure for the patient. Such procedures may require placing cuts/ incision on the gums/gingiva. This may be followed by drilling/ guttering of bone and/ or splitting of the tooth to facilitate its removal.


Is there a growth in your mouth? Or is there an ulcer that does not heal? We might need to perform a biopsy for you. Biopsies are of various kinds and our surgeon at Dental Excellence will guide you about the procedure based on the size, nature and other features of the lesion. Once the surgical procedure is done, the specimen is sent to reputed laboratories for hisathological analysis and reporting. The analysis helps us determine the nature of the lesion and decide on any necessary future course of action.

Managing Dental/ Facial Injury

Did your face or teeth get hurt during an accident? Or did someone hit you? At Dental Excellence, we are fully trained and equipped to handle all sorts of dental and facial injuries. The treatment options vary from simple splinting to more complex procedures like bone plating depending on the nature, severity and location of the injury. In such cases, there generally are multiple ways of treating the problem. The line of management will be chosen after discussing both the short-term and long-term pros and cons of the concerned options with you.

Incision and Drainage

Is there an infection that has caused an abscess accumulation of pus? This could be the cause of the pain or swelling you are experiencing. Our surgeons at Dental Excellence are adept at handling such maxillofacial space infections. We might require performing an incision and drainage to drain the pus(abscess). This entails putting a small cut either within the mouth or on the face to create a passage for the pus/ accumulated fluid to drain. This cut may heal by itself or might require us to put stitches.


A dental implant is like an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants are an ideal option for people in good general and oral health who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. Under proper conditions and diligent patient maintenance, implants can last a lifetime. At Dental Excellence, we provide tailor-made treatment options where implants can be used to replace a single tooth (with one implant and a crown), multiple teeth (with implant-supported bridges or multiple implants and crowns) or all teeth (with implant-supported bridges or implant-supported dentures).


Dental Implants can be categorized based on many different things – by size, by material used, by type of connection on of the head of the implant and by the stages of the treatment, the last one being the most common. Based on the stages of the treatment, Dental Implants are divided into:

  • Two Stage Dental Implants, and
  • One Stage Dental Implants
Two Stage Dental Implants

This is the traditional implant process with the first step being a surgery in which we install the implants which are left for three to six months so that they can heal and integrate with the jawbone. Placement in the lower jaw can take upto three months to heal while those in the upper jaw may need about six months. During the healing period, the patient is given a temporary prosthesis until it is time to put in the permanent crown. Placement of the attachment and subsequently permanent crown is accomplished in the second stage of this treatment procedure. Though this treatment-sequence maybe more time-consuming and expensive it still remains the most tried and tested implant treatment protocol in our experience at Dental Excellence.

One Stage Dental Implants

In the single stage implant done at Dental Excellence, the second stage is altogether avoided and during a single surgery, our implantologists place the implant in the jaw bone is such a way that the of the implant is higher than the surface of the bone, at the height of the soft tissue(gums). When the soft tissue is stitched at the end of the surgery, the dental implant’s head is left exposed. There is, therefore, no need for a second surgery as the implant is already exposed and takes its place naturally. The advantages of this procedure may include early osseointegration, no long wait for the bone to heal before placing the implant and a more natural and estheticlook early on.

Immediate implants

The treatment procedure and steps for immediate loaded implants are the same as that for conventional implants, the main difference being that the temporary crown or bridge is loaded onto the implants after its surgical placement. An initial evaluation and x-ray is taken to determine implant site and bone condition. Then the implant site is prepared, the implant is placed and temporary crowns or bridges are cemented. Subsequently, permanent crown or bridge is placed. Immediate loaded implants do not apply to all cases and is dependent on the individual’s bone quality and condition. Following placement of the implants in the jaw, the bone may be sore and the surrounding gums tender and swollen. Patients are, however, able to go about their normal daily activities a day after surgery avoiding any rigorous physical exercises or activities. Benefits of Immediate Loaded Implants done at Dental Excellence include immediately functioning teeth, good esthetic results and shorter treatment time with minimal pain.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Do you have dentures that are not stable in the mouth? Or have you given up on dentures just because you have had them made a few times, but, they never seem to fit well? Implant supported dentures could solve such problems. Sometimes, the jaw bones have shrunk so much that conventional dentures won’t work well any more. In such cases, our implantologists at Dental Excellence may opt to place a few implants in the jaw and take their support to stabilize the dentures we subsequently fabricate. Such implant supported dentures are generally planned for the lower jaw. The dentures generally have slots that snap onto attachments on the implants. The commonly used implants for supporting dentures come either with ball or bar attachment. These dentures work like overdentures and offer excellent stability over conventional dentures.

Maxillofacial Implants

Have you suffered from injuries to the facial region? Or have you had ablative surgeries to remove oral or maxillofacial tumors/ cancer? Is a part of your face badly disfigured? Or do you just feel you have a smallish chin or that your jaw lines or cheekbones just aren’t prominent or strong enough? Maxillofacial implants at Dental Excellence can be used effectively to solve most such problems. These implants can be used to define your facial features better or improve the apparent contours and angles of your face. Among the most common ones used are cheek implants, chin implants and jaw implants. Such implants can also be used to support a prosthesis for an artificial ear or eye in cases where such important facial structures are either congenitally missing or have had to be sacrificed either due to trauma or an aggressive pathological condition.

Sinus Augmentation

The upper back jaw has traditionally been one of the most difficult areas to successfully place dental implants due to insufficient bone quantity and quality and the close proximity to the sinus. If you’ve lost bone in that area due to reasons such as periodontal disease or tooth loss, you may be left without enough bone to place implants.


The clinicians at Dental Excellence perform sinus augmentation which can help correct this problem by raising the sinus floor and developing bone for the placement of dental implants. Several techniques can be used to raise the sinus and allow for new bone to form. Depending on your individual needs, the bone usually will be allowed to develop for about four to 12 months before implants can be placed. After the implants are placed, an additional healing period is required. In some cases, the implant can be placed at the same time the sinus is augmented. Such augmentation can be carried out either by Direct Sinus Lift or Indirect Sinus Lift procedure.


Sinus augmentation has been shown to greatly increase your chances for successful implants that can last for years to come.

Root canal treatment (RCT)

Has your tooth been hurting? Heard about RCT but don’t know what it is? Root canal treatment (RCT) or endodontic treatment is a common procedure in dentistry. Root canal treatment is indicated if the pulp is irreversibly inflamed or in case of pulpal death caused by decay, tooth cracks or chips, or dental trauma. Traditionally RCTs are done in multiple appointments, but due to the advances in the field of endodontics it is possible to complete the same procedure in a single visit/Multiple visitRCT. We at Dental Excellence provide endodontic treatment with the latest instruments and equipments like magnification systems, endomotors and apex locators in a single appointment. If however, your case is not suitable to be undertaken in a single appointment, we might decide to opt for a multiple-appointment schedule. Following the Root Canal treatment, we generally build up the lost structure of the tooth with a core filling or place pin-like structures (called posts) within the canals before reinforcing them with the core filling. Following this, we usually recommend a cap or crown for the treated tooth.

Cavity Fillings

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems affecting our teeth. This commonly results in the formation of a cavity on the tooth surface. This cavity is the result of dissolution of natural minerals of the teeth by the acids released by the bacteria which inhabit the tooth surface. Such cavities may cause sensitivity, pain or bad breath among other things and must be treated at the earliest. If they are allowed to progress, they may end up damaging the structural integrity of the tooth and affecting the pulp. At Dental Excellence, our trained clinicians use some of the latest diagnostic tools to diagnose such lesions very early on. Then they proceed to educate you about the presence of such lesions using gadgets like intra-oral cameras. Finally, we offer you a variety of different materials to choose from for the filling. The options include Silver amalgam fillings, cement restorations and light-cured composite fillings. The material of choice is chosen depending on the nature and location of the cavity and your personal preferences.

Child Dentistry

At Dental Excellence, a child is always one of our most special patients. Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry. They are specially trained for children’s unique dental health needs


Their professional education includes three years of specialized study after becoming a dentist, emphasizing child psychology, growth and development. Infants, preschoolers, children, and adolescents each need different approaches in dealing with their behavior, guiding their dental growth and development, and helping them avoid future dental problems. The pediatric dentist is best qualified to meet these needs.


To help a child stay totally healthy, the pediatric dentist often works with pediatricians, other physicians and other dental specialists. All children, whether healthy, chronically ill, disabled, or mentally challenged are served best through this team approach. This specialty is becoming even more important as a result of technical advances in medicine and dentistry and the increased populations of children with chronic diseases and congenital problems.


Pleasant visits to the dental office promote the establishment of trust and confidence in your child that will last a lifetime. Our goal at Dental Excellence, along with our staff, is to help all children feel good about visiting the dentist and teach them how to care for their teeth. From our special office designs, to our communication style, our main concern is what is best for your child.


Our pediatric dentists provide an ongoing assessment of your child’s dental needs and may suggest preventive procedures like additional fluoride, dietary changes, space maintainers or sealants. We also undertake all necessary therapeutic procedures like fillings, apexogenesis, apexification, stainless steel crowns, habit-breaking appliances etc. Our specialists are trained in management of uncooperative, physically handicapped and mentally challenged children and we are also equipped with options like sedation dentistry to cater to the dental needs of special children.

Pit and Fissure Sealants

Cavities! Toothache! Don’t you wish they didn’t exist at all? Prevention is the soul of all treatment and care at Dental Excellence. With little care and simple timely procedures you can keep your mouth free from cavities or decay throughout your life. Pit and Fissure sealants are an ideal and important solution for preventing you from undergoing the dental pain, discomfort and complicated treatment procedures. The idea is to seal the grooves present on the Molar (chewing) teeth, which cannot be completely cleaned by tooth brushing. They are sealed with a biocompatible material that flows into these grooves and hardens, so that no bacteria/food substances can accumulate and hide in these areas and lead to teeth decay. They also make the chewing surfaces more easily cleansable.

Topical Fluoride Application

Worried about your child having too many cavities in spite of brushing regularly? Eating too much of sticky food? Taking medications, which decrease saliva production in the mouth? Is somebody differently abled /handicapped / ill so that they cannot maintain proper cleanliness in the mouth for prolonged duration? All these factors, eventually lead to cavity formation or decay and toothache. Fluorides have been identified as the most efficient agents to prevent dental decay or cavities. They make the teeth more strong and resistant to withstand bacterial attacks, acidic foods, hot and cold temperatures, as well as stresses created by chewing hard foods. At Dental Excellence, we apply fluorides on to your tooth surfaces using the Gel and Varnish forms to ensure better reach, action and efficiency through long interaction with tooth surface. Periodic application of ical fluoride after professional cleaning of teeth goes a long way in maintaining your mouth cavity free.

Tooth Rejuvenation

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure! The Tooth Rejuvenation Programme (TRP) at Dental Excellence identifies at the earliest, the potential problems and diseases in the mouth. By correcting these risk factors, TRP helps you to add positivity, health and well being to your mouth so that it can withstand the day-to-day onslaught from bacteria, foods and stresses, which leach away the essential minerals from the protective enamel. TRP replenishes your saliva and teeth with the essential calcium and phosphate ions, restores adequate moistness and adds new vigor to the ageing teeth. If you want your teeth to last healthily for your lifetime and not age before you, entrust them to TRP.

Orthodontic Treatment

Are you teeth unevenly placed?Are there too many gaps between the teeth or do you have forwardly placed teeth? Wouldn’t you love one of those picture-perfect smiles? Then what is holding you back? Visit Dental Excellence to explore the various options by which we can correct your smile and improve your facevalue, confidence & self esteem. This treatment, commonly known as wire and braces treatment, can be undertaken across a wide age-group and needn’t necessarily be done only for kids and teenagers. It is recommended to get the first orthodontic check up done at the age of 7. Most treatments usually begin between the ages of 10 and 14, certain problems with jaw growth and alignment/space for erupting teeth can be detected by an orthodontist early and are easier to treat. There are various kinds of braces also available and if you do not want those steely metallic braces, we can suggest you the tooth-colored ceramic brackets. This treatment may also be undertaken using Lingual Orthodontics braces (braces placed on the inner surface of the teeth so that they are practically not visible). Orthodontic treatment may sometimes require us to remove some teeth (also called orthodontic extractions) to create place to be able to move the others into more desirable positions. Our orthodontists ensure a speedy treatment schedule and all we ask of you is that you religiously keep the appointments. During the course of the treatment we advise to take the necessary care to avoid debonding of Braces Clear/ Matel Braces and keep your gums healthy.

TMJ Pain Management

Does it pain when you open or close your mouth? Or do you find it difficult to open your mouth completely? Such problems and others like this could be the result of problems with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is the only movable joint on the face. It facilitates movement of the lower jaw which helps you eat, talk etc. Like any other joint in the body, this goes through wear and tear and might become a cause for discomfort. This might be a result of problems like Myofacial Pain dysfunction Syndrome (MPDS), Internal Derangement or Arthritis of TMJ (Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis). Such conditions need to be dealt with a lot of care and expertise. At Dental Excellence, we endeavor to diagnose such problems correctly and an important key to it is listening patiently to all you have to say about your problem. Our treatment plans are focused on trying to manage the condition as conservatively as possible with an equal eye on early relief from discomfort as well as a favorable long-term prognosis. Surgical options may need to be considered in certain inevitable situations. However, at Dental Excellence, we would prefer trying to manage such conditions as conservatively as possible. Some patients may report with Ankylosis of TMJ (total or near-total inability to move the lower jaw). These patients can be managed effectively with a combination of surgery and active physiotherapy. It is beneficial to initiate treatment as early as possible in such cases.

Neural Disorders

Have you ever experienced sharp stabbing pain on your face? Does it happen on the same side each time? You could be suffering from neuralgia….a painful condition of the nerves. The nerve most commonly affected on the face is the Trigeminal Nerve and hence the term Trigeminal Neuralgia. This and other nerve-related disorders that commonly affect the orofacial region like Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia and Bells’ Palsy are complex problems that demand expert management. Dental Excellence conducts special Neuralgia Clinics and believes that the need of the hour in such cases is to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis and then follow it up with an evidence-based line of management. The initial line of management for neuralgias generally includes a combination of medications that might occasionally require periodic titration and alteration. Surgical alternatives for management can be provided for advanced and recurrent cases.

Disclaimer Note:

The descriptions provided here are for general information purpose only and not intended to provide medical advice, express or implied, of any nature whatsoever.

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